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PartySTi 04-21-2009 09:42 PM

Pure Vision Rally - Go karts, vacation give away, and more!
Hey guys, we are holding another rally. It's being hosted by Pure vision Motorsports and Underground customs. This is the 2nd rally of the year. Below is the link to the first rally which I attended. It was a hellllll of a lot of fun. This is open to any cars that want to come. We are holding rally's every month now. This ones a poker rally. Everyone receives a playing card before we head out on our way to the go karts. Whoever has the best poker hand at the end of the rally wins a vacation! These go karts I hear are really crazy and a lot of fun. They go over 45 mphs! This is going to be a blast and a hell of a kick off to the nice weather!

The date is set for 5/2/09! We are all meeting up at the shop in Plainfield, NJ.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me or email me at [email][/email]! Whoever wants in feel free to post up and say you want in!

[ame=]YouTube - PureVision Season Openner Tri State Rally[/ame]

This video is the pre-rally we did
[ame=]YouTube - PureVision Motorsports Poker Rally Preview[/ame]

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